Wednesday, October 10th, 2012


A fruitful day with the release of my interview on Design Elements, a beautiful and savvy German blog on interior design, as well as a glamorous down to the last detail event for the launch of a new venue called Ananas, French for Pineapple! The sumptuous late night Sydney champagne bar has done wonders with the interiors, with stand out features being the oyster bar with hand painted white tiles, French Art Deco painted mirror wall panels, brass palm trees and hanging oversized birds on swings, and of course the crystal cut pineapple pendant lights. Yum!

Thank you Design Elements!

Photographs: Dina Broadhurst for FLOCK

ANANAS interiors – hand painted tiles in blue on white and exposed brickwork, and above, rose tinted pendants and pineapple tiles

Sitting on ice

Raw, rough painted bricks, vintage French advertisements and pineapple brass and crystal pendant lights

French painted Art Deco mirrored wall panels

Ala Josaphine Baker and opalescent lights

Tins of Caviar for one served on trays